For us, it’s simple – The Pursuit of Passion Projects.

It’s also worth mentioning, if we’re not in hot pursuit they will surely keep us up at night, turn us into A-holes and may even to the Dark Side. So yes, it’s in our best interest.

Here is a little excerpt on how we tackle our projects…

BonFire – Burn Your Demons Short Film was born from a project that one day we hope will manifest.  A crucial scene where a monstrous fire towers over the main character –  His face radiant by the flames.   We were hell bent on getting this shot.  A fair amount of pondering proceeded…To shoot this, we would have to sacrifice some precious time and of course sell it to the wives; knowing a yard pass would be required.  So why not make it worth our while and turn it into a Short Film?  Done deal, case closed.  Ok, do we have a story idea?  How about some close friends ignite a yearly Bonfire in the middle of the woods?  Easy enough and fund friendly.  Love it.  Throw in some turmoil and the rest is history.

Nathan and Joe at the Diversion Premier.